Teresa Cleveland — Change Agent

Change takes courage, direction takes wisdom and growth takes purpose.

My name is Teresa. I’m a certified coach that helps teams define goals and identify efficiency blockers to increase production and team harmony. I do this with team assessments and custom coaching workshops. Together, we will create self-sustaining systems connected to your company’s vision and goals with tangible growth and accountability metrics to ensure long-term success.

Embrace the change to change your future!

Courageous conversations will lead to answers that will help you embrace the change you need to grow.


What I Do

I help individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations to become strong leaders, build confident teams, and achieve sustainable success.

Using a proprietary system, I will help you have courageous conversations that challenge past mindsets by asking real and significant questions. Together we will seek the right answers to build your future with wisdom and purposeful growth.

  • Public Speaking
  • Facilitation Workshops
  • One on One Coaching
{"Teresa has a very insightful approach to all that she teaches. She sees you for who you are, where you are at in your business and created a creative plan to move forward in a direction that allows you to enjoy what you do! Her wisdom is invaluable."
{"The process was very revealing. Our team felt very cared for, seen and heard through the exercises with Teresa. The benefit was having a third party who was diplomatic and open minded but who also has an uncanny ability to recognize truth and bring that into the conversation even when it was a difficult conversation."
{"Teresa is bold, caring, strong & wise. For anyone in transition, feeling lost, or just ready to level up at an accelerated pace, I highly recommend working with her!"

The Five Foundations of Sustainable Growth

By using recognized and highly respected tools such as Maxwell Leadership® training
and DiSC® profiles, as well as my proprietary system, I will walk with you and your team
through this process.

Uncover your Values

Determine your Priorities

Establish your Goals

Utilize your Strengths and Skills

Realize Results